How to Prepare for Traveling Southeast Asia? Here are Some Pro Tips For You!

how to prepare for traveling southeast asia

Have you ever wonder to travel to some countries in Southeast Asia? Well, this should be so much interesting because there available a lot of awesome cultures and places. Here are some pro tips on how to prepare for traveling Southeast Asia you need to know first!

Southeast Asia is one of the most magical places on earth with many stunning beaches, temples, jungles, or mountains. Besides, you also need less money to visit some countries because your life needs are cheaper there. But you need to make sure you understand how to staying healthy and safe. Here some tips for you!

1. Pick Your Country Wisely

While you want to visit some places in Southeast Asia with a single trip, then you should choose your destinations wisely. It is important to understand how long your journey will be from one to another destination. Better when you took a shorter time to move on or your vacation will only about the trains or flights.

2. Check Visa Requirements

Several countries there require passport validity at least in six months and also visa requirements to enter. Looks like some visa requirements have changed in several countries for a few years before. Moreover, if you avoid this, you can get restrained in the airport while your jet lags still there.

3. Set Your Phone to Roam

Moving to different countries in Southeast Asia was quite easy and it also happens with cellphone roaming. You only need the GSM cellular standard at least in 900/1800 to operate well. Above all, make sure your provider allows international roaming so you can use your phone wherever you are. Better if you do a little research before.

4. Pack What You Need

People usually get wrong in what they bring when they decided to travel to Southeast Asia. Much stuff can make overload so they need more money for the luggage. On the other hand, bring too many things can give you trouble on the journey like getting robbed. You will need loose cotton clothes because the weather tends to be hot there.

5. Set Your Schedule

Most of all countries in Southeast Asia had two different seasons, rain and dry. You should know the right time when to travel to make sure you can enjoy what you want. It will be better if you visit your destinations during the dry season.  You don’t want to visit the beach while it is rain right? Also, while it is rainy, your journey will be heavier.

6. Safeguard Your Health

Last but not least on how to prepare for traveling Southeast Asia is safeguard your health. Before you visit some countries, you need to check what kind of vaccine that recommend for you. It is because there are available many dangerous diseases almost in every country. Moreover, the mosquitos are pretty strong and can cause sickness.

So there are some pro tips on how to prepare for traveling Southeast Asia you should know. Make sure you follow all of these tips so your journey will be safe and you can keep healthy. Also, don’t ever try to bring controlled drugs into every country there due to harshest drug laws.

5 Options About What To Do In Manila For One Day

what to do in manila for one day

A holiday is a great time that is waited for by every people. After spending time for work, having a holiday is the best healing to refresh our mind, body, and focus. There are many places that can be a great place for spending our holiday there including overseas such as Manila. Manila has many beautiful places that we never see before. We can say that Manila saves beautiful places which are good to see. If you want to spend your time in Manila, you must try to visit the following options of what to do in Manila for one day.

1. Visiting Intramuros

Intramuros is the eldest place in Manila that is built from Spanish occupation. If you have one day to spend your holiday in Manila, you might start your day by visiting this historical place. However, you will also book a nice and great hotel nearby which is Bayleaf Intramuron Hotel. Indeed, almost the same as other historical places, Intramuros provides many historical stories of The Philippine that will make us interested. Moreover, Intramuros has a beautiful panorama that can be great photos’ background.

2. Visiting Fort Santiago

Still include historical places, Fort Santiago more like a romantic garden with its beauty accent. Fort Santiago is located inside the Intramuros. Besides, when you visit Fort Santiago, you will face a nice and wonderful panorama like the beautiful place in the fairytale. Fort Santiago provides a beautiful garden with a beautiful oasis in the center of the garden. In the summer, many foreigners like to see this place because the panorama is better than other weather.

3. Refreshing Your Mind by visiting Rizal Park

Except for the historical places, Manila also has a beautiful park namely, Rizal Park. If you feel bored with the messy condition of the traffic in Manila, so you can visit Rizal Park to heal your mind and refresh it. it can say that Rizal Park is the best place for relaxing. This place provides interesting and natural panorama from tress and also flower. Therefore, in weekends, many people including the foreigner visit this place.

4. Enjoying The Jeepney Ride

After enjoying the historical place and Rizal Park, it is the time to go around Manila and enjoy the moment. Jeepney is the cheapest taxi in Manila. Moreover, you can enjoy going around manila while looking at the panorama of the whole city. On the other hand, we can easily find and ride by jeepney in a random place. Besides, we can also stop or continue whenever we want. The driver will follow our wants and treat us better to enjoy jeepney moment.

5. Visiting Binondo For Shopping

The main points of what to do in Manila for one day are enjoying the moment and go shopping. Of course, we need to buy something as a gift and take it back home. Therefore, we need to visit Binondo for shopping. In Binondo, there are some markets and also a shopping mall that sells many things. You can find many interesting things as a gift here. You may not pass to visit Binondo to go shopping.

So, if you have a day in Manila, have you decide what to do in Manila for one day? The previous explanation can be the best option for your activities in Manila.

Where To Go In Raleigh – Add These Places To Your Plan

where to go in raleigh

Raleigh is a city located in the North of Carolina that has many hidden gems inside the city. Located in the States, this city may not be as famous as other big cities like New York, because it is a quitter city. However, the fun and excitement you can get from Raleigh are just the same as other cities. Over the past years, their gems have started to be popular and known worldwide. So, if you are planning a trip, where to go in Raleigh?

Raleigh is known for its beautiful city, therefore there are few parks that you must see when you come here. This city is also a great place for those who love arts and music. There are many museums in the city that shows arts made by local artist and mural projects around the street. Over the year, the city also holds on concerts that invite many kinds of a singer from around the world. So, if you are wondering, where to go in Raleigh to see these places, try visiting these places below:

1. The Raleigh Murals Project

If you are into art and want to see the local artists working, then come downtown to the Raleigh Project. This city is full of creative artist and this can be seen by the project they have done. Over the past few years, Murals project has become popular in this city. Therefore, you won’t have difficulty in seeing their work because they are available in many places.

2. North Caroline Museum

Where to go to Raleigh next should be the North Caroline Museum. Inside this museum, visitors can see permanent collections from Frank Pilllip and Kehinde Wiley’s. Their work and art are breathtaking, making anyone who sees them drop their jaws of amusement. If you come in summer, you can also see a blockbuster film or musical art on their pavilion.

3. Dorothea Dix Park

As for those who want some fresh and see some nature, come to the Dorothea Dix Park. Here you can enjoy the view of Raleigh’s skyline and see the beautiful flowers blooming. The sloping hills around the park are a great option for those who like running and biking. The best time to come to this park is around mid-June to early July. Because this is the time of the year when the sunflowers bloom big and beautiful.

4. Pullen Park

For a relaxing evening, you can visit the Pullen Park which is in North Caroline University. It is a traditional park, however, the train and kiddie boats around make it interesting for visitors. The atmosphere around the park is just relaxing and cool. If you want a bit of activity, you can rent a pedal boat and go around the pond at the park.

5. The Pharmacy Café

After a tiring day around museums and parks, treat yourself with something to eat the Pharmacy Café. The café has been served by the local since 1910 and is going on until today. They offer local delicious food from the Southern dishes to the traditional ones.

These are some places you should go to when you come to this city. However, where to go in Raleigh depends on what you like, whether you like art or the park. Both are great to see, so if you have time try to see both of those places. If you are planning to come to the city, you better start now. Because this city is becoming popular and getting crowded with tourists on peak seasons.

Recommendation Of Best Destinations In South East Asia For Your Amazing Holiday

best destinations in south east asia

Do you still make a schedule for your holiday now? You probably don’t know where to holiday in South East Asia. As you know that Bali Island is one of the popular destinations for tourists. There are lots of foreigners who visit Bali on holiday. But have you know that there are lots of the beautiful destination in South East Asia that beside Bali. Do you curious about the best destinations in South East Asia that never you try? You should explore this article first.

As you know there are 11 countries in South East Asia. Not only that, but you will possibly find thousands of islands here too. Southeast Asia also provides you beautiful and unique culture. Therefore, it makes you possible to have an amazing holiday here. Do you want to gonna some of them quickly?

1. The Bagan, Myanmar

The first recommendation for you is Bagan, Myanmar. It is the beautiful Buddist Temple that you never saw before. You will probably find 10.000 Buddist Temples here. It also provides you beautiful pagodas and monasteries sweep. There are lots of ancient buildings that you can visit too here.

2. Sa Pa, Vietnam

Are you a mountain lover? You probably would like to visit a mountain as your destination. On the other hand, you feel bored with the mountain around you. This will be a perfect holiday destination for your amazing holiday. Sa Pa provides you a beautiful mountain view that makes you feel so calm. So, have you found your best destinations in South East Asia now? If you have not, let’s continue.

3. Kuta Lombok, Indonesia

This is the other beautiful destination except for Kuta Bali. If you love diving, you can choose this destination. But, you will not find lots of tourists here. Because this beautiful place is not a huge tourism industry. This is a very natural place for you. The resident doesn’t want the tourist can destroy their village. So, if you want to go there, you might have to have a special request.

4. Coron, Philippines

Have you known this is the top-rated destination for years? There are lots of people who decide to visit here as their holiday. You will probably find a beautiful view is this island. If you have stress because of your job, you can refresh in here. This destination provides you amazing stunning limestone cliffs. In addition, you will also find a unique lake of mixed fresh and seawater.

5. Malacca, Malaysia

This is the last recommendation for you. There are lots of tourists visit this place for years. You will find lots of the culture here. Not only Malaysia culture, but you also will find India, Chine, Portugal culture here. If you are a food lover, you will enjoy here. Because this is one of the food-centric cities in Malaysia.

Those are the best destinations in South East Asia that you can visit. In conclusion, you probably find an unforgettable moment when you visit some of them. It will make you possible to arrange your holiday together with your family, an event you love one. So, when you start on holiday?

Best Place To Visit In Oman That Are Just Beautiful

best place to visit in oman

If you are traveling and want to see natural beautiful places, then Oman is a country that you should consider. This country is not on many people’s lists as it not as famous and known as other countries. This is a shame because Oman offers many beautiful natural places that people can visit and relax. It is also a safe country; thus, the people are very friendly therefore tourists won’t need to worry about their stay. However, before coming here it is better people list the best place to visit in Oman so they now where to go. 

best place to visit in oman

The country is full of many artistic buildings that have histories and stories behind them. Therefore, when you come to this country you will not only see buildings but also learn new history. After a tiring tour, people can relax on the beaches or mountains available in Oman. So, here is the best place to visit in Oman that you must see before leaving the country:

1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

People usually start their trip to Capital Muscat by visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. As its name, this is a grand Mosque that is very modern with a massive chandelier and detailed blue mosaic. The Mosque is huge, and it can be filled up to 20,000 worshippers inside the Mosque. What makes the Mosque interesting is the design and detail accessories inside the Mosque such as blue Mosaic tiles.

 2. Mutrah Corniche, Muscat

Come and catch the sunset in Mutrah Corniche in Muscat were sitting down on the side of the beach. The scenery of the city is also amazing, making it comfortable for tourists to relax. In this area, people can also go shop in the narrow lanes in one of the oldest markets in Muscat. The market provides silver jewelry, turbans, and pashminas that you can wear during the trip.

3. Nizwa Fort

One of the best places to visit in Oman that is different from other countries is Nizwa Fort. The Fort is popular in the East Middle country, therefore when you come to this country make sure to come here. This fort is not original as it has been refurbished by the government making it a museum for tourists. But the building itself is still very East Middle and unique so worth to visit. Inside the fort, people can also see women making crafts or baking bread from an open fire. 

 4. Jebel Akhdar

If you want a challenging trip and need some fresh air, then visit the Jebel Akhdar. In English, this mountain means Green Mountain, which refers to the place where it is green in spring. Therefore, the best time to visit this place is when it is Spring because the flower will also bloom. If not, it is quite dry and yellow-orange are which is still interesting to see. 

 5. Wahiba Sands

Coming to Oman, you must visit the Wahiba Sand and feel the atmosphere in the desert. In this dessert, tourists can ride a camel and have a tour around the dessert. Or they can see the sunset or sunrise from some spots in the stunning dessert. 

There are still other places that you must visit when you come to Oman, as there are many beautiful places. Therefore, sure to list the best place to visit in Oman so you don’t waste your time on the road. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sunblock to enjoy the trip to Oman.

Branded Online Casino Slots Games

When Microgaming propelled the online slot game, Tomb Raider, in October 2004 another sort of slots was conceived. At the appropriate time slots rounds of this sort came to be known as marked spaces. Marked slots money the fame of existing brands in different zones like motion pictures, or comic books or games so as to advance the slot game. The slot game thus improves the brand value of the picked brand. Hence it brings about a success win circumstance for all. There is an understanding between the proprietor of the brand and the designer of the slot online game.

Tomb Raider was a famous computer game made by the main engineer Eidos Interactive. It highlighted the adventuress Lara Croft. A progression of computer games had been made by Eidos portraying various experiences of Lara Croft. The film Tomb Raider featuring the sultry Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft had additionally increased the value of the brand. Microgaming was the main web based gaming programming engineer. It went into a concurrence with Eidos for select rights to build up an slot game dependent on the Tomb Raider brand. In October 2004 Tomb Raider was propelled as a 5 reel 15 payline video slot. It started with Flash presentation delineating a hot Lara Croft animation. The images on the reels and the reward game dependably recreated what the Tomb Raider brand rely on. The game was a moment hit. In 2006 the arrangement among Microgaming and Eidos was reached out to incorporate the Hitman arrangement of games. Contract killer stars Agent 47, a heartless professional killer who “consistently takes care of business, nothing can stop him.” Hitman has a similar specialized greatness as Tomb looter and is moreover stuffed with imaginative highlights, extending wild images being one of them. The most recent marked game in this arrangement is a spin-off of Tomb Raider and was discharged a year ago. It is called Secret of the Sword.

In spite of the fact that Cryptologic began later in the marked slots line it has surpassed Microgaming in sheer volume and is today viewed as the pioneer in this field. Cryptologic went into a selective arrangement with Marvel Entertainment in 2005 for creating on the web slot games highlighting Marvel Comic superheroes like X-Men, Elektra, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. Along these lines the arrangement was stretched out to 2010. The most well known of these games, The Amazing Spiderman, was discharged in 2007 and its spin-off, Spiderman Revelations, was propelled in December a year ago. Taking all things together, more than 15 marked Marvel online slots have been discharged by Cryptologic. Like the Microgaming marked slots, these component exceptional extra games and stunning designs, sound and activity. Moreover all Cryptologic Marvel slots are connected to a typical dynamic bonanza. 2009 is going to see a lot increasingly marked slots since they have unmatched brand value.

Best Places To Stargaze Around The World With Perfect Sky

best places to stargaze

Some people staring at the sky gives a calm or relaxed sensation. It feels peaceful to see the stars in the middle of a dark sky. If you are living in the town, then you might be difficult to find a clear sky. Thus, the telescope is necessary here to see the sky. Actually, there are places around the world where you can see the stars directly. See the list below about the best places to stargaze with perfect beautiful scenery.

best places to stargaze

Let’s talk about several preparations to go to the best places to stargaze. Because this will make you more comfortable in seeing the night sky only for more time there. Also, get your comfortable clothing, like, jacket and jeans. Don’t forget to pack the mat, pillow, and blanket too. If you want a warm coffee, then add it to your preparation list. Now, it is time for you to know where it should be held:

1. Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Hawaii is always a dream destination for every stargaze seeker. On the dormant of Mauna Kea mount volcano, you can sit on there to catch a beautiful sky scenery. Moreover, this place has no light pollution, low humidity, and the right elevation level. There is a special event called “Mauna Kea’s Summit” where many people join to stargaze with the naked eyes.

2. Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Cherry Springs State Park is a perfect place to have stargazing time. As your additional information, this site got the International Dark Sky designation in 2000. At the top of its 2,300-foot high is the Night Sky Viewing area where you are able to do astronomy observation. If you want to have this experience, then in the middle of July – August is the right time.

3. Pic du Midi, France

This place is a perfect destination to do things related to astronomy. As an example, NASA scientists studied for the Apollo landing here. Pic du Midi is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites too. Take an experience in the cable car which takes you to the mountaintop observatory. All visitors can join the overnight stay and tour for stargazing. More than that, you can enrich your knowledge here with the astronomers who will accompany you.

4. Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand

Get the best night sky view in New Zealand by visiting Mackenzie Basin in Aoraki Mackenzie Reserve. It is nice to spend time camping and mountaineering here. There is a tour at Mount John University Observatory and several places to see the Milky Way. Actually, this site is protected to respect Maori people, because they are ones who give navigation and folklore.

5. Sedona, United States

Many popular Hollywood films choose this location as the setting. Its minimal light pollution makes the red-rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona, get a label from IDA’s Dark Sky Community. If you finish with stargazing, then you can do other activities around it.

Those are places that far away from light pollution. Going to the best places to stargaze will be more interesting if you go with someone. So, ask your family, spouse, or friends to get there together. While, on the other hand, for some people staring at the sky by themselves only give a more peaceful feeling.

Where To Go While In LA That You Never Expect Before

Where to go while in LA

Having a vacation always becomes the best way to refresh our minds. After having a lot of duty in daily life, going to another place such as LA is the best idea for a holiday. LA is a beautiful and new place that you may not familiar with. Then, do you know where to go while in LA? Do you have any idea about your destination while having your holiday in LA? If you haven’t got your destination yet, here I will recommend you the beautiful place in LA that you never expect before.

Where to go while in LA

1. Venice Beach

Beach is always the best place to spend our holiday moment. Then, if you are in LA, you need to visit Venice Beach and enjoy your moment there. In Venice beach, you will meet plenty of tourists. Not only tourists but also plenty of wonderful objects. There are a lot of activities that you can do in this beautiful place such as skateboard, taking a beautiful picture and many others.

2. The Getty Center

If you asking about where to go while in LA, I really recommend you to go to this place, the Getty Center. This place is a special place with many beautiful panoramas. The Getty Center is a place that contains some artistic masterpieces, central garden, rich collections, and many others. This place is a historical place. This place has a sweet atmosphere where you can see a lot of uniqueness in LA. In this place, also contains some works of some expert. Thus, you can see anything there while learning about the history of the expert and the place.

3. Rodeo Drive

After enjoying your moment in Venice beach and learn many things in the Getty Center, you can do the next wonderful activity, shopping. When you want to go shopping in LA, I recommend you to go to this place, Rodeo Drive. The Rodeo drive is a wonderful shop that sells any kind of designer clothes. If you like something elegant and expensive, moreover such famous clothing, you better go to Rodeo Drive. In this place, you will get many famous dresses that you cannot see in other stores. You should come to this place and get your best shopping time here.

4. Walk Around in Downtown LA

Another recommendation activity in LA is walking around downtown LA. Downtown, you can some of the most famous places and buildings in LA. Many people and tourists walking around downtown LA in order to see what is in LA and they want to see the face of LA. You can also get your best photo shoot here. The place is very beautiful to take.

5. Jurassic Experiences

We know together that LA has many unique and interesting places that we should visit. One of them is the Museum of the technology of Jurassic. In this place, you will get your Jurassic experiences. Where you can see a lot of scientific technology that commonly used in Hollywood movies. you will feel like you were inside the movie. Thus, you should visit this place and get surprised by everything here.

Those are some recommendation activity in some places in LA. Then, you will not wonder about where to go while in LA again because everything has been told to you clearly. Invite your family and your beloved people to go with you. therefore, your holiday will be more interesting.

The List of Best Hiking Trail in LA You Must Try

Los Angeles may not have good open spaces, but the incredible hiking spots scattered in this area are more than just that. Hike in LA consists of beautiful hills, amazing beach views, and amazing city views. Here is a list of the best hiking trail in LA.

1 Runyon Canyon

One activity that is usually done by local people is hiking. With so many hiking trails in Los Angeles, there is no reason not to move. Runyon Canyon is the most famous hiking trail that leads to the Hollywood board. 

This 1.5-mile Hollywood Hill route is a beautiful place to see the views of the LA valley and sometimes the ocean view too. This place is a place for celebrities to do sports like yoga. The Runyon Canyon is in Los Angeles, CA exactly on 2000 N Fuller Ave.

Located in West Hollywood, Runyon Canyon is celebrity sights and famous sights. All of the day, you can see on the hill of the Downtown LA and Hollywood Sign. Moreover you can be seen the Pacific Ocean from a distance on the opposite side on sunny days.

At the night, Locals will climb the Runyon Canyon to see the incredible view of the lights. After climbing, the tourist can go to WeHo and enjoy shopping and fabulous restaurants. So the uphill will make your heart rate sky high.

2 Franklin Canyon Park

Franklin Canyon Park is the best secret in Beverly Hills. Take a walk around the lagoon and release the pressure from the city without leaving it. This increase is not challenging, so this is great for some people those who are trying to get back into shape.

To explore in this park, there are many paths and bays that will keep entertained for hours. So you can sure this place won’t be too crowd, this seems to be a secret among Beverly Hills residents. And it’s the perfect place to walk leisurely to relax.

Franklin Canyon Park has a beautiful lake and a duck pond. This place is in the Santa Monica Mountains between Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks. The park which has an area of ​​605 hectares can be reached with more than 5 miles by footpath and across the forest.

3 The Vasquez Rocks

This is a must for movie fans. As a backdrop the Vasquez Rocks has served for many Hollywood’s most television shows and famous films. This park will look familiar to Star Trek fans. Moreover, with its prehistoric rock structure dating from 25 million years, this increase mixes history with sport.

For good photos and solid training, Rock climbing is perfect place. But, if that is not your wish, there are some trails for people who want to climb in all skill levels. There are offer a picnic area and horse riding area, if you are looking for a more relaxed day.

Vasquez Rocks is a dense and towering rock formation form millions of years ago due to seismic activity and erosion protruding from the earth. The path to this place is not too difficult, so it can be passed by novice climbers. The Vasquez Rocks is on Antelope Valley Freeway.

Those are some of the best hiking trail in LA. It is a paradise for people who like to hike. So, enter the list of places as a must-try climbing destination.

Why Take A Cruise to Alaska, All The Reasons You Need To Know

why take a cruise to alaska

What do you plan to do on your holiday? Do you have any plans to go on the trip? If you’re planning to go on a trip but still don’t have any destination, then you can choose Alaska. Although Alaska may haven’t the same popularity as the other tourist destination, it’s still worth to visit. Moreover, you have a chance to take on a cruise which is a rare occurrence. And if you’re still not sure why take a cruise to Alaska, then you can find plenty of reasons. 

why take a cruise to alaska

1. The Chance of Experience Unparalleled Ice and Wildlife

One of the reasons of why take a cruise to Alaska is because you get to close with unparalleled ice in the world. As you know, Alaska is the place where the blue glaciers lied in. So, when you visit that place you can see a bunch of them from your deck. The glaciers are not the only good things about Alaska.

There, you can also get close to the wildlife. If you love adventurous activity, encounter a lot of wild animals such as moose or otter may stimulate the adrenalin in your body as it is a thrilling experience. But, if you not fond too much on the outdoor activity, just see the wildlife from the deck will satisfy your curiosity.

2. Witness The Amazing Sunset In Alaska

There are many reasons why take a cruise to Alaska. Witnessing the amazing sunset in Alaska is just one of those reasons. You may think not much about seeing a sunset. But, the sunset in Alaska is quite special.

You can watch the dazzling color through the sky that looks like a painting in soft pink and muted purple or fiery scarlet and dazzling orange. And if you’re lucky to visit Alaska in late April to mid-September, you may witness a phenomenal Nothern Lights.

3. It May Serves as A Life-Time Chance

Almost everyone knows that there’s a phenomenon in the Earth called global warming. And this phenomenon influences Alaska directly.  The beautiful glaciers that have become an icon of Alaska, slowly change. And then it will affect Alaska’s landscape. As the temperature getting warmer, the glaciers of Alaska are melting for sure.

Global warming is affecting not only the iceberg but also the animals that live there. Alaska’s bird and marine inhabitants may lose their homes due to climate change. That’s why it’s better to take a cruise to Alaska before everything changes, considering a few years later climate change will give a big impact on Alaska.

4. Secretly Educate Your Children

The best holiday is when you spend it with your loved family. While taking a cruise to Alaska, you can also give education to your children. Take, for example, you can bring your family on a Whale Watching and Wildlife Quest. There you and your family may see humpback whales, sea lions, and even bald eagles. In the way of your trips, you can also learn about Native American culture. This way, your children can have fun while learning a lot of things.

Alaska has an abundant nature potential that can make you regret not visiting it. With all of these incredible things, do you dare still ask why take a cruise to Alaska?