Why Take A Cruise to Alaska, All The Reasons You Need To Know

why take a cruise to alaska

What do you plan to do on your holiday? Do you have any plans to go on the trip? If you’re planning to go on a trip but still don’t have any destination, then you can choose Alaska. Although Alaska may haven’t the same popularity as the other tourist destination, it’s still worth to visit. Moreover, you have a chance to take on a cruise which is a rare occurrence. And if you’re still not sure why take a cruise to Alaska, then you can find plenty of reasons. 

why take a cruise to alaska

1. The Chance of Experience Unparalleled Ice and Wildlife

One of the reasons of why take a cruise to Alaska is because you get to close with unparalleled ice in the world. As you know, Alaska is the place where the blue glaciers lied in. So, when you visit that place you can see a bunch of them from your deck. The glaciers are not the only good things about Alaska.

There, you can also get close to the wildlife. If you love adventurous activity, encounter a lot of wild animals such as moose or otter may stimulate the adrenalin in your body as it is a thrilling experience. But, if you not fond too much on the outdoor activity, just see the wildlife from the deck will satisfy your curiosity.

2. Witness The Amazing Sunset In Alaska

There are many reasons why take a cruise to Alaska. Witnessing the amazing sunset in Alaska is just one of those reasons. You may think not much about seeing a sunset. But, the sunset in Alaska is quite special.

You can watch the dazzling color through the sky that looks like a painting in soft pink and muted purple or fiery scarlet and dazzling orange. And if you’re lucky to visit Alaska in late April to mid-September, you may witness a phenomenal Nothern Lights.

3. It May Serves as A Life-Time Chance

Almost everyone knows that there’s a phenomenon in the Earth called global warming. And this phenomenon influences Alaska directly.  The beautiful glaciers that have become an icon of Alaska, slowly change. And then it will affect Alaska’s landscape. As the temperature getting warmer, the glaciers of Alaska are melting for sure.

Global warming is affecting not only the iceberg but also the animals that live there. Alaska’s bird and marine inhabitants may lose their homes due to climate change. That’s why it’s better to take a cruise to Alaska before everything changes, considering a few years later climate change will give a big impact on Alaska.

4. Secretly Educate Your Children

The best holiday is when you spend it with your loved family. While taking a cruise to Alaska, you can also give education to your children. Take, for example, you can bring your family on a Whale Watching and Wildlife Quest. There you and your family may see humpback whales, sea lions, and even bald eagles. In the way of your trips, you can also learn about Native American culture. This way, your children can have fun while learning a lot of things.

Alaska has an abundant nature potential that can make you regret not visiting it. With all of these incredible things, do you dare still ask why take a cruise to Alaska?