Where to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland for Vacation

When going the Reykjavik Iceland, one of the things people need to pay attention to is the accommodation. The place to stay is important while traveling, especially during the winter season. People need a proper, warm, and comfortable place to rest, prepare and recharge their energy. Furthermore, choosing the right place where to stay in Reykjavik Iceland, they could also enjoy other great facilities.

Usually, people need to spend quite a money to spend in a fancy hotel. However, not all people spare a big amount for their hotel while going on a vacation. But do not worry. Whether people are on a budget, or only have one night to stay, Reykjavik has great places to stay. Here are some quick great places where to stay in Reykjavik Iceland.

1. Staying in Reykjavik for the first time

When going on a vacation to Reykjavik for the time, the best place to stay is in the Midborg Neighborhood. There are several Airbnb with friendly prices and great things to offer. Moreover, people could enjoy many tourist places, attractions, shops, and restaurants on foot. Midborg is a compact downtown area with a great neighbor for new tourists.

2. Staying in Reykjavik with a budget

For those who are on a budget, the place where to stay in Reykjavik is the Hlidar Neighborhood. This area has the friendliest prices on its budget hotel and hostels. Not only that, but people could also join and enjoy some attractions here without a  high price. Furthermore, Hlidar Neighborhood is relatively quiet even though most of the visitors are young people and students.

3. The best place to stay for nightlife in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is not only popular its culture and history places, but also for the entertainment nightlife. Whether people are seeking a live bar, vibrant club or some cozy pubs, Midborg Neighbor had it all. Nevertheless, people could also enjoy some world-class restaurants to hot dog stands. It is all available up to dawn.

4. The coolest housing in Reykjavik

Another place where to stay in Reykjavik is the Vestubar Neighborhood. For those who are searching for something different and cool, this place is perfect. It is far from the crowd and relaxing. However, there are many kinds of destination that people could find. The Vestuber Neighbor is located centrally near the old harbor, where people could still explore the city easily.

5. A friendly place in Reykjavik for Families

For a family vacation to Reykjavik, the best area to stay is in the Laugardalur Neighborhood. The location is quite far enough from the central city. People need to take a 30 minutes bus or less. However, this area has great outdoor adventures that the whole family would love. Some activities are also arranged for the family to enjoy during the holiday. As a conclusion, the Laugardalur Neighbor is a perfect place for families.

Going to Reykjavik to spend for holidays is a great idea. Not only the tourist destinations and activities but also the easy places where to stay in Reykjavik Iceland. Moreover, people could access the city on foot.