Where To Go While In LA That You Never Expect Before

Where to go while in LA

Having a vacation always becomes the best way to refresh our minds. After having a lot of duty in daily life, going to another place such as LA is the best idea for a holiday. LA is a beautiful and new place that you may not familiar with. Then, do you know where to go while in LA? Do you have any idea about your destination while having your holiday in LA? If you haven’t got your destination yet, here I will recommend you the beautiful place in LA that you never expect before.

Where to go while in LA

1. Venice Beach

Beach is always the best place to spend our holiday moment. Then, if you are in LA, you need to visit Venice Beach and enjoy your moment there. In Venice beach, you will meet plenty of tourists. Not only tourists but also plenty of wonderful objects. There are a lot of activities that you can do in this beautiful place such as skateboard, taking a beautiful picture and many others.

2. The Getty Center

If you asking about where to go while in LA, I really recommend you to go to this place, the Getty Center. This place is a special place with many beautiful panoramas. The Getty Center is a place that contains some artistic masterpieces, central garden, rich collections, and many others. This place is a historical place. This place has a sweet atmosphere where you can see a lot of uniqueness in LA. In this place, also contains some works of some expert. Thus, you can see anything there while learning about the history of the expert and the place.

3. Rodeo Drive

After enjoying your moment in Venice beach and learn many things in the Getty Center, you can do the next wonderful activity, shopping. When you want to go shopping in LA, I recommend you to go to this place, Rodeo Drive. The Rodeo drive is a wonderful shop that sells any kind of designer clothes. If you like something elegant and expensive, moreover such famous clothing, you better go to Rodeo Drive. In this place, you will get many famous dresses that you cannot see in other stores. You should come to this place and get your best shopping time here.

4. Walk Around in Downtown LA

Another recommendation activity in LA is walking around downtown LA. Downtown, you can some of the most famous places and buildings in LA. Many people and tourists walking around downtown LA in order to see what is in LA and they want to see the face of LA. You can also get your best photo shoot here. The place is very beautiful to take.

5. Jurassic Experiences

We know together that LA has many unique and interesting places that we should visit. One of them is the Museum of the technology of Jurassic. In this place, you will get your Jurassic experiences. Where you can see a lot of scientific technology that commonly used in Hollywood movies. you will feel like you were inside the movie. Thus, you should visit this place and get surprised by everything here.

Those are some recommendation activity in some places in LA. Then, you will not wonder about where to go while in LA again because everything has been told to you clearly. Invite your family and your beloved people to go with you. therefore, your holiday will be more interesting.