Where To Go While in Berlin – Affordable And Easy To Access Places

where to go while in berlin

When people plan for a holiday in Europe, they will automatically think of the cost they will need to prepare. Well, the cost in Europe is expensive but there are places people can visit for free. One of the places that have many artistic and free places to visit is in Berlin. For those who are planning to come to Europe must visit Berlin to see their history and art. In this city, people will see many historical art and places that are not available in other places. Therefore, coming here, you won’t get confused about where to go while in Berlin. 

where to go while in berlin

So, where to go while in Berlin that is not expensive and affordable for people? Well, there are many historical places that are open to the public. Other than historical sites, there are many artistic spots that are unique and interesting to see. Most of these places are outdoor, so you will need to prepare some sunscreen. Here are some of the top and cheap places to visit in Berlin:

1. Brandenburg Gate

This is one of the most striking symbols in Berlin that people must visit when coming here. The gate had many functions such as wall crossing and a site of protest during the old days. Therefore, the gate is very important to the Berlin people until today. In the New Years’ eve, people will gather here and hold an NYE party to welcome the coming year. 

2. East Side Gallery

The colorful wall on the East Side Gallery is one of the places you must visit. In this wall, people can see the political commentary that artists have made. The artists of this wall come from 21 countries that spread love and peace messages through art. People can enjoy the 1.3 km wall of artwork while taking photos on the wall. Just make sure not to ruin the artworks on the wall with garbage or any handwork.

3. TV Tower

If Paris has the Eiffel Tower, then Berlin has the TV Tower as its city icon. To see the beautiful city of Berlin, people can come to the TV tower that is in East Berlin. Inside the tower, there is a cocktail bar and restaurant that people can visit too. To enter the tower, people will have to buy a ticket for the tower only. If you have more budget you can skip the line by upgrading the ticket.

4. DDR Museum

Where to go while in Berlin that will suit the whole family? Berlin has many museums but one of the museums that can fit the whole family is the DDR museum. In this museum, people can touch and move the equipment inside. Therefore, children and parents can also learn what happened in the past. 

5. Mauerpark

Berlin people usually spend their weekends in this park just to chill or visit the flea market. Every weekend there will be a flea market where people can shop and sell. The place itself is also available for a picnic or just to catch some sun. 

So, now you won’t need to worry about where to go while in Berlin because there are many options. Whether you are going with the whole family or by yourself Berlin is a great option. One thing for sure, Berlin is a great place for people who love art and museum.