The List of Best Hiking Trail in LA You Must Try

Los Angeles may not have good open spaces, but the incredible hiking spots scattered in this area are more than just that. Hike in LA consists of beautiful hills, amazing beach views, and amazing city views. Here is a list of the best hiking trail in LA.

1 Runyon Canyon

One activity that is usually done by local people is hiking. With so many hiking trails in Los Angeles, there is no reason not to move. Runyon Canyon is the most famous hiking trail that leads to the Hollywood board. 

This 1.5-mile Hollywood Hill route is a beautiful place to see the views of the LA valley and sometimes the ocean view too. This place is a place for celebrities to do sports like yoga. The Runyon Canyon is in Los Angeles, CA exactly on 2000 N Fuller Ave.

Located in West Hollywood, Runyon Canyon is celebrity sights and famous sights. All of the day, you can see on the hill of the Downtown LA and Hollywood Sign. Moreover you can be seen the Pacific Ocean from a distance on the opposite side on sunny days.

At the night, Locals will climb the Runyon Canyon to see the incredible view of the lights. After climbing, the tourist can go to WeHo and enjoy shopping and fabulous restaurants. So the uphill will make your heart rate sky high.

2 Franklin Canyon Park

Franklin Canyon Park is the best secret in Beverly Hills. Take a walk around the lagoon and release the pressure from the city without leaving it. This increase is not challenging, so this is great for some people those who are trying to get back into shape.

To explore in this park, there are many paths and bays that will keep entertained for hours. So you can sure this place won’t be too crowd, this seems to be a secret among Beverly Hills residents. And it’s the perfect place to walk leisurely to relax.

Franklin Canyon Park has a beautiful lake and a duck pond. This place is in the Santa Monica Mountains between Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks. The park which has an area of ​​605 hectares can be reached with more than 5 miles by footpath and across the forest.

3 The Vasquez Rocks

This is a must for movie fans. As a backdrop the Vasquez Rocks has served for many Hollywood’s most television shows and famous films. This park will look familiar to Star Trek fans. Moreover, with its prehistoric rock structure dating from 25 million years, this increase mixes history with sport.

For good photos and solid training, Rock climbing is perfect place. But, if that is not your wish, there are some trails for people who want to climb in all skill levels. There are offer a picnic area and horse riding area, if you are looking for a more relaxed day.

Vasquez Rocks is a dense and towering rock formation form millions of years ago due to seismic activity and erosion protruding from the earth. The path to this place is not too difficult, so it can be passed by novice climbers. The Vasquez Rocks is on Antelope Valley Freeway.

Those are some of the best hiking trail in LA. It is a paradise for people who like to hike. So, enter the list of places as a must-try climbing destination.