Recommendation Of Best Destinations In South East Asia For Your Amazing Holiday

best destinations in south east asia

Do you still make a schedule for your holiday now? You probably don’t know where to holiday in South East Asia. As you know that Bali Island is one of the popular destinations for tourists. There are lots of foreigners who visit Bali on holiday. But have you know that there are lots of the beautiful destination in South East Asia that beside Bali. Do you curious about the best destinations in South East Asia that never you try? You should explore this article first.

As you know there are 11 countries in South East Asia. Not only that, but you will possibly find thousands of islands here too. Southeast Asia also provides you beautiful and unique culture. Therefore, it makes you possible to have an amazing holiday here. Do you want to gonna some of them quickly?

1. The Bagan, Myanmar

The first recommendation for you is Bagan, Myanmar. It is the beautiful Buddist Temple that you never saw before. You will probably find 10.000 Buddist Temples here. It also provides you beautiful pagodas and monasteries sweep. There are lots of ancient buildings that you can visit too here.

2. Sa Pa, Vietnam

Are you a mountain lover? You probably would like to visit a mountain as your destination. On the other hand, you feel bored with the mountain around you. This will be a perfect holiday destination for your amazing holiday. Sa Pa provides you a beautiful mountain view that makes you feel so calm. So, have you found your best destinations in South East Asia now? If you have not, let’s continue.

3. Kuta Lombok, Indonesia

This is the other beautiful destination except for Kuta Bali. If you love diving, you can choose this destination. But, you will not find lots of tourists here. Because this beautiful place is not a huge tourism industry. This is a very natural place for you. The resident doesn’t want the tourist can destroy their village. So, if you want to go there, you might have to have a special request.

4. Coron, Philippines

Have you known this is the top-rated destination for years? There are lots of people who decide to visit here as their holiday. You will probably find a beautiful view is this island. If you have stress because of your job, you can refresh in here. This destination provides you amazing stunning limestone cliffs. In addition, you will also find a unique lake of mixed fresh and seawater.

5. Malacca, Malaysia

This is the last recommendation for you. There are lots of tourists visit this place for years. You will find lots of the culture here. Not only Malaysia culture, but you also will find India, Chine, Portugal culture here. If you are a food lover, you will enjoy here. Because this is one of the food-centric cities in Malaysia.

Those are the best destinations in South East Asia that you can visit. In conclusion, you probably find an unforgettable moment when you visit some of them. It will make you possible to arrange your holiday together with your family, an event you love one. So, when you start on holiday?