Where To Go While in Berlin – Affordable And Easy To Access Places

where to go while in berlin

When people plan for a holiday in Europe, they will automatically think of the cost they will need to prepare. Well, the cost in Europe is expensive but there are places people can visit for free. One of the places that have many artistic and free places to visit is in Berlin. For those who are planning to come to Europe must visit Berlin to see their history and art. In this city, people will see many historical art and places that are not available in other places. Therefore, coming here, you won’t get confused about where to go while in Berlin. 

where to go while in berlin

So, where to go while in Berlin that is not expensive and affordable for people? Well, there are many historical places that are open to the public. Other than historical sites, there are many artistic spots that are unique and interesting to see. Most of these places are outdoor, so you will need to prepare some sunscreen. Here are some of the top and cheap places to visit in Berlin:

1. Brandenburg Gate

This is one of the most striking symbols in Berlin that people must visit when coming here. The gate had many functions such as wall crossing and a site of protest during the old days. Therefore, the gate is very important to the Berlin people until today. In the New Years’ eve, people will gather here and hold an NYE party to welcome the coming year. 

2. East Side Gallery

The colorful wall on the East Side Gallery is one of the places you must visit. In this wall, people can see the political commentary that artists have made. The artists of this wall come from 21 countries that spread love and peace messages through art. People can enjoy the 1.3 km wall of artwork while taking photos on the wall. Just make sure not to ruin the artworks on the wall with garbage or any handwork.

3. TV Tower

If Paris has the Eiffel Tower, then Berlin has the TV Tower as its city icon. To see the beautiful city of Berlin, people can come to the TV tower that is in East Berlin. Inside the tower, there is a cocktail bar and restaurant that people can visit too. To enter the tower, people will have to buy a ticket for the tower only. If you have more budget you can skip the line by upgrading the ticket.

4. DDR Museum

Where to go while in Berlin that will suit the whole family? Berlin has many museums but one of the museums that can fit the whole family is the DDR museum. In this museum, people can touch and move the equipment inside. Therefore, children and parents can also learn what happened in the past. 

5. Mauerpark

Berlin people usually spend their weekends in this park just to chill or visit the flea market. Every weekend there will be a flea market where people can shop and sell. The place itself is also available for a picnic or just to catch some sun. 

So, now you won’t need to worry about where to go while in Berlin because there are many options. Whether you are going with the whole family or by yourself Berlin is a great option. One thing for sure, Berlin is a great place for people who love art and museum. 

What to Do in Lucerne – These are the Best!

When people hear the word Switzerland, many people will straightly think of chocolate and cheese. This country is famous for its delicious chocolates and cheese that are made from the best ingredients. However, other than food, Switzerland has many beautiful places that have great scenery. One of the best places in Switzerland that offers many beautiful places in Lucerne. Coming here, you won’t need to worry about what to do in Lucerne, because there are many things to do.

Interesting Things in Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the capital cities in Swiss that has one of the most crowded people. It is a city that offers both beautiful scenery, art and tasty food. Therefore, for those who are looking for a complete package for holiday, this is the perfect option. If you are planning to come and have no itinerary, then here are some reference on what to do in Lucerne:

1. Coming to the Lucerne Festival

For those who are a fan of orchestra and music must come to the Lucerne Festival. This festival has been available for 75 years and will be still going on. In this festival, people can see some of the top musicians and orchestra playing many kinds of songs. The festival will last one month long, therefore people can come to the festival a few times. 

2. Going to Mount Pilatus

If you like nature and beautiful scenery, come to Mount Pilatus. In this place, people can enjoy the afternoon scenery and just hang out. It only takes a 20-minute drive from the city to get here and it is free of charge. Those who want a more challenging activity can hike and climb the mountain. 

3. Visiting Museum Bellpark 

One of the most popular museums and has a café is Museum Bellpark. In this museum, people can see many antique arts from the local people. There are many kinds of arts that people can enjoy such as vases and painting. In this museum, people can also enjoy the café that provides local delicious foods and drinks for the visitors.

4. Explore the Old Town

Lucerne has a place that people call the old town, where there are old buildings and architecture. Therefore, for those who love architecture can come and explore the old town. Next what to do in Lucerne and the old town? See some of the beautiful arts inside the building and learn some of the best histories about it. 

5. Buy Souvenir at Chas Barmettler

If you want to buy cheese for a souvenir you can buy them at Chas Barmettler. Thus, this store offers a wide selection of international Swiss Cheese. People will not need to worry about the ingredients or taste. Because the cheese here is the best from taste and value. If you come here, you must try the milk cheese which is one of the best. 

These are some of the best selections in what to do in Lucerne. It is complete, from challenging activities to the delicious foods. Therefore, this is the best place for people who are searching for a family holiday. Just makes sure to go there on the best season to get the best weather.  

Favorite Things to do in Detroit for the Whole Family

Detroit is a place that can be interesting for everyone from kids to adults who are on a vacation. In fact, the city is called many names because of its many interesting places and things in the city. In the old days Detroit has known for some wrong reasons, however, these days the city has been developing. It is changing into a better city and now it is one of the most comfortable places to visit. Well, people say this because there are many things to do in Detroit and it is safe. So, make sure to visit here if you are coming for a holiday in the United States of America. 

The weather in Detroit is also very friendly for tourists that aren’t used to cool or hot weather. Even though the weather is a bit cool, but with a jacket, people can feel comfortable walking around the town. However, many people don’t know about the things to do in Detroit, therefore, make sure to read this before going there. Here are some top things people should do when they are in Detroit city:

1. Walking Tour

Detroit now has many beautiful parks and places that people can walk around. The downtown of Detroit is the perfect place for having a walking tour especially if you are with your family. To learn more about the city, tourists can sign up for walking tours that are available on Sundays. In this tour, people will get to learn more interesting sports that they might not know before. However, if you are not in the city at that time, just follow their map and follow the route. 

2. Visiting Art Museum

Other than famous for its cars and music, the art in Detroit is also very stunning. There are many arts provided in the city from museums to street arts all are available. So, people who love art will sure love this city for their holiday. For the start, try visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts which is famous not only in the US but in the whole world. This is a world-class museum and has the largest collections in the United States with more than 100 galleries. 

3. Seeing Live Music

Coming to Detroit City means having to watch live music until you rock off. After all, Detroit is most known with is rock music where people can have a blast. In fact, this is included in the things to do in Detroit that people must do when they come. There are many bars that have live music and play until morning. Or usually, there are some international bands that have concerts in the city. 

4. Go for a River Walk

If you are coming with the whole family and the kids, go for a Riverwalk. There are several parks that people will be walking through and they provide fishing facilities and picnic areas. Therefore, you and the whole family can go on a picnic and go fishing at the same time. 

5. Going to Belle Isle

This is an island in the Detroit River which is located between Michigan and Ontario which is very beautiful. On this small island, people can see different sides of the city that people can’t see from other places. Inside the island, people can see the zoo and casinos at the same time. So, it is sure a great place for the whole family to visit and have fun. 

The best part of these things to do in Detroit City is most of them are free and have free hours. So, even if you are planning with kids, you can adjust your time because they are mostly open until morning. Therefore, this is a place for the whole family to go to and it is cheap. 

Where to Stay in Reykjavik Iceland for Vacation

When going the Reykjavik Iceland, one of the things people need to pay attention to is the accommodation. The place to stay is important while traveling, especially during the winter season. People need a proper, warm, and comfortable place to rest, prepare and recharge their energy. Furthermore, choosing the right place where to stay in Reykjavik Iceland, they could also enjoy other great facilities.

Usually, people need to spend quite a money to spend in a fancy hotel. However, not all people spare a big amount for their hotel while going on a vacation. But do not worry. Whether people are on a budget, or only have one night to stay, Reykjavik has great places to stay. Here are some quick great places where to stay in Reykjavik Iceland.

1. Staying in Reykjavik for the first time

When going on a vacation to Reykjavik for the time, the best place to stay is in the Midborg Neighborhood. There are several Airbnb with friendly prices and great things to offer. Moreover, people could enjoy many tourist places, attractions, shops, and restaurants on foot. Midborg is a compact downtown area with a great neighbor for new tourists.

2. Staying in Reykjavik with a budget

For those who are on a budget, the place where to stay in Reykjavik is the Hlidar Neighborhood. This area has the friendliest prices on its budget hotel and hostels. Not only that, but people could also join and enjoy some attractions here without a  high price. Furthermore, Hlidar Neighborhood is relatively quiet even though most of the visitors are young people and students.

3. The best place to stay for nightlife in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is not only popular its culture and history places, but also for the entertainment nightlife. Whether people are seeking a live bar, vibrant club or some cozy pubs, Midborg Neighbor had it all. Nevertheless, people could also enjoy some world-class restaurants to hot dog stands. It is all available up to dawn.

4. The coolest housing in Reykjavik

Another place where to stay in Reykjavik is the Vestubar Neighborhood. For those who are searching for something different and cool, this place is perfect. It is far from the crowd and relaxing. However, there are many kinds of destination that people could find. The Vestuber Neighbor is located centrally near the old harbor, where people could still explore the city easily.

5. A friendly place in Reykjavik for Families

For a family vacation to Reykjavik, the best area to stay is in the Laugardalur Neighborhood. The location is quite far enough from the central city. People need to take a 30 minutes bus or less. However, this area has great outdoor adventures that the whole family would love. Some activities are also arranged for the family to enjoy during the holiday. As a conclusion, the Laugardalur Neighbor is a perfect place for families.

Going to Reykjavik to spend for holidays is a great idea. Not only the tourist destinations and activities but also the easy places where to stay in Reykjavik Iceland. Moreover, people could access the city on foot.

Eastern Europe Backpacking Guide You Should Learn

For the world traveling lovers, Eastern Europe now has become popular. Previously, most people visit Western Europe to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or The Colosseum. They think by flying to those sites, they already captured the whole picture of European life. Well, wait until you see the punch of Eastern Europe. It will open your mind wider, thus, we will share with you the Eastern Europe backpacking guide here.

Eastern Europe is not like Western Europe. All places out there are more suitable for the brave one. Why? Because of the land and people are totally different. In Eastern Europe, you will have more philosophical breathtaking in every step. That is why this part of the continental seems more suitable for the backpacker. Here the list of Eastern Europe backpacking guide:

1. Decide the Country

Each people have a different perspective about the Eastern Europe country. It is due to a broad geographical size, condition, and also the weather. But there are several countries that people use to visit, like Poland, Hungary, Russia, The Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria. Besides those places, still, many sites you can choose. So, it is better to make list where you want to go.

2. Pick the Right Time

If you compare to Western Europe, it is quite the same. Spring and autumn are when not many people around the street. So, the prices are lower, and the hotel might not be full. But you should prepare for the wetter weather. It is the opposite when you go there in July and August. Those two months are favorite for tourists, thus, all prices become higher. The positive side is you won’t feel lonely when you are having a solo trip.

Several people choose to spend their Christmas and New Year’s Eve there. So, November and December will be full of joy with the snow. We recommend you to have a snowboard and don’t forget to sightsee enjoying the beautiful city decoration.

3. Bring Money in Various Currencies

This is the reason why we started the list by choosing the places first. Because you should forget the euros when you are having a holiday here, except when you visit Slovakia. The regions only know the lek, the lev, and the lau. Perhaps you find the other places that accept euro, like Montenegro and Kosovo. But it is better for you to prepare the money in various currencies.

 4. Book in Advance

You might think it is normal to book everything in advance. But, when you travel to Eastern Europe country, it has to be your priority. Booking on the spot is not as easy as you do in another place, moreover when you are in the peak season. Make sure your hotel, accommodations, entrance tickets, and all conveniences are confirmed before you arrive.

5. The Schengen Visa

The Schengen Visa is applied for the Schengen Area in about 26 countries. These countries have special regulations for passport usage and border control. For those who visit one of the areas only require a common visa. But if you come to the outside Schengen Area, you still need a stamp at the border. Have more knowledge about this area, so you won’t face any difficulties when arriving there.

Talking about the preparations, you need to explore more about the Eastern Europe backpacking guide. As we mentioned before that it is really different to visit the east and the west. But, as long as you have good anticipation, your trip will be convenience.