Favorite Things to do in Detroit for the Whole Family

Detroit is a place that can be interesting for everyone from kids to adults who are on a vacation. In fact, the city is called many names because of its many interesting places and things in the city. In the old days Detroit has known for some wrong reasons, however, these days the city has been developing. It is changing into a better city and now it is one of the most comfortable places to visit. Well, people say this because there are many things to do in Detroit and it is safe. So, make sure to visit here if you are coming for a holiday in the United States of America. 

The weather in Detroit is also very friendly for tourists that aren’t used to cool or hot weather. Even though the weather is a bit cool, but with a jacket, people can feel comfortable walking around the town. However, many people don’t know about the things to do in Detroit, therefore, make sure to read this before going there. Here are some top things people should do when they are in Detroit city:

1. Walking Tour

Detroit now has many beautiful parks and places that people can walk around. The downtown of Detroit is the perfect place for having a walking tour especially if you are with your family. To learn more about the city, tourists can sign up for walking tours that are available on Sundays. In this tour, people will get to learn more interesting sports that they might not know before. However, if you are not in the city at that time, just follow their map and follow the route. 

2. Visiting Art Museum

Other than famous for its cars and music, the art in Detroit is also very stunning. There are many arts provided in the city from museums to street arts all are available. So, people who love art will sure love this city for their holiday. For the start, try visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts which is famous not only in the US but in the whole world. This is a world-class museum and has the largest collections in the United States with more than 100 galleries. 

3. Seeing Live Music

Coming to Detroit City means having to watch live music until you rock off. After all, Detroit is most known with is rock music where people can have a blast. In fact, this is included in the things to do in Detroit that people must do when they come. There are many bars that have live music and play until morning. Or usually, there are some international bands that have concerts in the city. 

4. Go for a River Walk

If you are coming with the whole family and the kids, go for a Riverwalk. There are several parks that people will be walking through and they provide fishing facilities and picnic areas. Therefore, you and the whole family can go on a picnic and go fishing at the same time. 

5. Going to Belle Isle

This is an island in the Detroit River which is located between Michigan and Ontario which is very beautiful. On this small island, people can see different sides of the city that people can’t see from other places. Inside the island, people can see the zoo and casinos at the same time. So, it is sure a great place for the whole family to visit and have fun. 

The best part of these things to do in Detroit City is most of them are free and have free hours. So, even if you are planning with kids, you can adjust your time because they are mostly open until morning. Therefore, this is a place for the whole family to go to and it is cheap.