Eastern Europe Backpacking Guide You Should Learn

For the world traveling lovers, Eastern Europe now has become popular. Previously, most people visit Western Europe to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or The Colosseum. They think by flying to those sites, they already captured the whole picture of European life. Well, wait until you see the punch of Eastern Europe. It will open your mind wider, thus, we will share with you the Eastern Europe backpacking guide here.

Eastern Europe is not like Western Europe. All places out there are more suitable for the brave one. Why? Because of the land and people are totally different. In Eastern Europe, you will have more philosophical breathtaking in every step. That is why this part of the continental seems more suitable for the backpacker. Here the list of Eastern Europe backpacking guide:

1. Decide the Country

Each people have a different perspective about the Eastern Europe country. It is due to a broad geographical size, condition, and also the weather. But there are several countries that people use to visit, like Poland, Hungary, Russia, The Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria. Besides those places, still, many sites you can choose. So, it is better to make list where you want to go.

2. Pick the Right Time

If you compare to Western Europe, it is quite the same. Spring and autumn are when not many people around the street. So, the prices are lower, and the hotel might not be full. But you should prepare for the wetter weather. It is the opposite when you go there in July and August. Those two months are favorite for tourists, thus, all prices become higher. The positive side is you won’t feel lonely when you are having a solo trip.

Several people choose to spend their Christmas and New Year’s Eve there. So, November and December will be full of joy with the snow. We recommend you to have a snowboard and don’t forget to sightsee enjoying the beautiful city decoration.

3. Bring Money in Various Currencies

This is the reason why we started the list by choosing the places first. Because you should forget the euros when you are having a holiday here, except when you visit Slovakia. The regions only know the lek, the lev, and the lau. Perhaps you find the other places that accept euro, like Montenegro and Kosovo. But it is better for you to prepare the money in various currencies.

 4. Book in Advance

You might think it is normal to book everything in advance. But, when you travel to Eastern Europe country, it has to be your priority. Booking on the spot is not as easy as you do in another place, moreover when you are in the peak season. Make sure your hotel, accommodations, entrance tickets, and all conveniences are confirmed before you arrive.

5. The Schengen Visa

The Schengen Visa is applied for the Schengen Area in about 26 countries. These countries have special regulations for passport usage and border control. For those who visit one of the areas only require a common visa. But if you come to the outside Schengen Area, you still need a stamp at the border. Have more knowledge about this area, so you won’t face any difficulties when arriving there.

Talking about the preparations, you need to explore more about the Eastern Europe backpacking guide. As we mentioned before that it is really different to visit the east and the west. But, as long as you have good anticipation, your trip will be convenience.