Best Places To Stargaze Around The World With Perfect Sky

best places to stargaze

Some people staring at the sky gives a calm or relaxed sensation. It feels peaceful to see the stars in the middle of a dark sky. If you are living in the town, then you might be difficult to find a clear sky. Thus, the telescope is necessary here to see the sky. Actually, there are places around the world where you can see the stars directly. See the list below about the best places to stargaze with perfect beautiful scenery.

best places to stargaze

Let’s talk about several preparations to go to the best places to stargaze. Because this will make you more comfortable in seeing the night sky only for more time there. Also, get your comfortable clothing, like, jacket and jeans. Don’t forget to pack the mat, pillow, and blanket too. If you want a warm coffee, then add it to your preparation list. Now, it is time for you to know where it should be held:

1. Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Hawaii is always a dream destination for every stargaze seeker. On the dormant of Mauna Kea mount volcano, you can sit on there to catch a beautiful sky scenery. Moreover, this place has no light pollution, low humidity, and the right elevation level. There is a special event called “Mauna Kea’s Summit” where many people join to stargaze with the naked eyes.

2. Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Cherry Springs State Park is a perfect place to have stargazing time. As your additional information, this site got the International Dark Sky designation in 2000. At the top of its 2,300-foot high is the Night Sky Viewing area where you are able to do astronomy observation. If you want to have this experience, then in the middle of July – August is the right time.

3. Pic du Midi, France

This place is a perfect destination to do things related to astronomy. As an example, NASA scientists studied for the Apollo landing here. Pic du Midi is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites too. Take an experience in the cable car which takes you to the mountaintop observatory. All visitors can join the overnight stay and tour for stargazing. More than that, you can enrich your knowledge here with the astronomers who will accompany you.

4. Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand

Get the best night sky view in New Zealand by visiting Mackenzie Basin in Aoraki Mackenzie Reserve. It is nice to spend time camping and mountaineering here. There is a tour at Mount John University Observatory and several places to see the Milky Way. Actually, this site is protected to respect Maori people, because they are ones who give navigation and folklore.

5. Sedona, United States

Many popular Hollywood films choose this location as the setting. Its minimal light pollution makes the red-rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona, get a label from IDA’s Dark Sky Community. If you finish with stargazing, then you can do other activities around it.

Those are places that far away from light pollution. Going to the best places to stargaze will be more interesting if you go with someone. So, ask your family, spouse, or friends to get there together. While, on the other hand, for some people staring at the sky by themselves only give a more peaceful feeling.