Best Place To Visit In Oman That Are Just Beautiful

best place to visit in oman

If you are traveling and want to see natural beautiful places, then Oman is a country that you should consider. This country is not on many people’s lists as it not as famous and known as other countries. This is a shame because Oman offers many beautiful natural places that people can visit and relax. It is also a safe country; thus, the people are very friendly therefore tourists won’t need to worry about their stay. However, before coming here it is better people list the best place to visit in Oman so they now where to go. 

best place to visit in oman

The country is full of many artistic buildings that have histories and stories behind them. Therefore, when you come to this country you will not only see buildings but also learn new history. After a tiring tour, people can relax on the beaches or mountains available in Oman. So, here is the best place to visit in Oman that you must see before leaving the country:

1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

People usually start their trip to Capital Muscat by visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. As its name, this is a grand Mosque that is very modern with a massive chandelier and detailed blue mosaic. The Mosque is huge, and it can be filled up to 20,000 worshippers inside the Mosque. What makes the Mosque interesting is the design and detail accessories inside the Mosque such as blue Mosaic tiles.

 2. Mutrah Corniche, Muscat

Come and catch the sunset in Mutrah Corniche in Muscat were sitting down on the side of the beach. The scenery of the city is also amazing, making it comfortable for tourists to relax. In this area, people can also go shop in the narrow lanes in one of the oldest markets in Muscat. The market provides silver jewelry, turbans, and pashminas that you can wear during the trip.

3. Nizwa Fort

One of the best places to visit in Oman that is different from other countries is Nizwa Fort. The Fort is popular in the East Middle country, therefore when you come to this country make sure to come here. This fort is not original as it has been refurbished by the government making it a museum for tourists. But the building itself is still very East Middle and unique so worth to visit. Inside the fort, people can also see women making crafts or baking bread from an open fire. 

 4. Jebel Akhdar

If you want a challenging trip and need some fresh air, then visit the Jebel Akhdar. In English, this mountain means Green Mountain, which refers to the place where it is green in spring. Therefore, the best time to visit this place is when it is Spring because the flower will also bloom. If not, it is quite dry and yellow-orange are which is still interesting to see. 

 5. Wahiba Sands

Coming to Oman, you must visit the Wahiba Sand and feel the atmosphere in the desert. In this dessert, tourists can ride a camel and have a tour around the dessert. Or they can see the sunset or sunrise from some spots in the stunning dessert. 

There are still other places that you must visit when you come to Oman, as there are many beautiful places. Therefore, sure to list the best place to visit in Oman so you don’t waste your time on the road. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sunblock to enjoy the trip to Oman.