5 Options About What To Do In Manila For One Day

what to do in manila for one day

A holiday is a great time that is waited for by every people. After spending time for work, having a holiday is the best healing to refresh our mind, body, and focus. There are many places that can be a great place for spending our holiday there including overseas such as Manila. Manila has many beautiful places that we never see before. We can say that Manila saves beautiful places which are good to see. If you want to spend your time in Manila, you must try to visit the following options of what to do in Manila for one day.

1. Visiting Intramuros

Intramuros is the eldest place in Manila that is built from Spanish occupation. If you have one day to spend your holiday in Manila, you might start your day by visiting this historical place. However, you will also book a nice and great hotel nearby which is Bayleaf Intramuron Hotel. Indeed, almost the same as other historical places, Intramuros provides many historical stories of The Philippine that will make us interested. Moreover, Intramuros has a beautiful panorama that can be great photos’ background.

2. Visiting Fort Santiago

Still include historical places, Fort Santiago more like a romantic garden with its beauty accent. Fort Santiago is located inside the Intramuros. Besides, when you visit Fort Santiago, you will face a nice and wonderful panorama like the beautiful place in the fairytale. Fort Santiago provides a beautiful garden with a beautiful oasis in the center of the garden. In the summer, many foreigners like to see this place because the panorama is better than other weather.

3. Refreshing Your Mind by visiting Rizal Park

Except for the historical places, Manila also has a beautiful park namely, Rizal Park. If you feel bored with the messy condition of the traffic in Manila, so you can visit Rizal Park to heal your mind and refresh it. it can say that Rizal Park is the best place for relaxing. This place provides interesting and natural panorama from tress and also flower. Therefore, in weekends, many people including the foreigner visit this place.

4. Enjoying The Jeepney Ride

After enjoying the historical place and Rizal Park, it is the time to go around Manila and enjoy the moment. Jeepney is the cheapest taxi in Manila. Moreover, you can enjoy going around manila while looking at the panorama of the whole city. On the other hand, we can easily find and ride by jeepney in a random place. Besides, we can also stop or continue whenever we want. The driver will follow our wants and treat us better to enjoy jeepney moment.

5. Visiting Binondo For Shopping

The main points of what to do in Manila for one day are enjoying the moment and go shopping. Of course, we need to buy something as a gift and take it back home. Therefore, we need to visit Binondo for shopping. In Binondo, there are some markets and also a shopping mall that sells many things. You can find many interesting things as a gift here. You may not pass to visit Binondo to go shopping.

So, if you have a day in Manila, have you decide what to do in Manila for one day? The previous explanation can be the best option for your activities in Manila.